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District 9910

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District 9920

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District 9930

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District 9940

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District 9999

Please CLICK HERE here to view 2024 resources.

Additional resources:

Trusts with Parry Field Lawyer Steven Moe:


Passcode: 0^YnB7eZ
  Resources on Incorporated Societies https://www.parryfield.com/home/blogs/resources-for-the-incorporated-societies-act-2022/


We have written a charities legal handbook which you can download at no cost.


We also have lots of other resources such as the Charities Healthchecks – info on our Charities Hub


Here is the link to seeds podcast. , which has over 390+ conversations that I have had with inspiring people


And this is Board Matters a show about leadership and governance with the Institute of Directors which am hosting.