About Beryl Robinson

My husband Colin and I have been in Rotary for quite some time, as we believe that serving others in our community is to be truly a part of that community.  We have both been offered many opportunities through Rotary, and our willingness to say “YES” to these opportunities, even when we didn’t really know what was actually involved, has benefitted all concerned.  We have learned new skills that have helped us in business and our everyday lives. 


We have also been to places and had incredible experiences that we would never have enjoyed otherwise, but most importantly, we have met amazing people from all over the world and remained friends with many.  All along the way, we have made a difference, either to those in need through the projects we have participated in, or by helping others in Rotary and Rotaract to gain the knowledge and skills to be able to do likewise. 


My volunteer roles have been in our Rotary club, our Rotary District, throughout New Zealand and the Pacific, and regionally.  These varied roles specialised in the areas of leadership, membership and training, with enabling others being a passion.


Every year has its treasured memories, but undoubtedly our most memorable year was when I was District Governor in 2004-2005, leading Rotary in Auckland and six Pacific Island nations, while also celebrating 100 years of Rotary throughout the world.  Colin has also always been very involved in Rotary technology, publicity and training, so we enjoy Rotary together.