About Elizabeth Arrowsmith

Interview with Elizabeth:

 1. How long in Rotary and the club and district noted

I have been in Rotary for under a year and I am a part of district 9920.


2. Why did you join Rotary and what keeps you in Rotary?

I was one of the chairs of the Interact club at Pakuranga College and I wanted to continue being able to give back to the community so when I was given the opportunity to be a part of the Auxiliary club, I was on board! What I really admire about Rotary is the collaboration of people in different lines of work and the ability to establish connections with those in the club and within the community.


3. What is your current role in Rotary?

I am a member of the Pakuranga Tamaki River Rotary Auxiliary.


4. What has been the best Rotary highlight/project for you?

Some highlights of Rotary so far have been being able to present Atlas’s to the children of Anchorage Park Primary School and being a Sergeant at the 2019 South Pacific President Elect training. I have also enjoyed collaborating with other Rotary clubs such as working with the South Auckland Rotary club at the Chinese New Year Market Day to raise funds for the Fiji Oxygen Project.  


5. Your profession, work area, skills and talents

I am a BioMed (pre-med) student at Auckland University and I am interested in becoming a doctor.


6. Family and/or children etc

I am of Tongan, Fijian, Scottish and English descent. I live with both my parents and enjoy being a part of a large Tongan family with many cousins, aunties, and uncles.


7. Interests and hobbies/passions

I love sport and I have a passion for netball (indoor and outdoor). I hope to get back into club netball in the future. I am passionate about the medical field and I aspire to be a medical health professional in the near future.


8. Something about you not many people know

I am religious and love being Christian. My faith is very important to me and I try my best to integrate values of kindness and love through all that I do.


9: How would you express what is most important to you personally about Rotary?

Being a force of change is imperative, especially in a world filled with inequities. But in order to effectuate our goal of common good, it is important to have a foundation based on diversity and acceptance, that of which Rotary seeks to achieve and that of which I hope to accomplish as a woman in Rotary.